TroopMaster Web setup guide for Troop 533 Parents

TroopMaster Web setup for Troop 533 Parents

For nearly ten years, Troop 533 has used a software program called TroopMaster to maintain advancement records and contact information.  It has been an excellent tool, but it requires that the information be maintained mainly by one person.  With both Mr. Boyd and Mr. Goodwin updating the data, they discovered that the TroopMaster database on their computers could not easily or automaticly be kept syncronized, resulting in much duplication of effort.  With the new TroopMaster Web product that has been introduced, we can now make our troop data available securely online for all leaders to access and update.

In addition to the leadership, as a parent you can get access to your son’s advancement records (including rank and merit badge progress), activity attendance, and the troop activity calendar.  You’ll also be able to update personal information such as address, phone numbers, email address, doctor information, medications, and more.  This will provide the troop with more complete and accurate contact information and for completion of Council reports and registration.

In order for you to be able to access TroopMaster Web, you must first set up your personal UserID and Password.  The setup is easy; just follow the steps outlined in the following pages.  Your information is maintained on a server secured by TroopMaster, and access to your son’s information is limited to only you and the troop leaders based your personal login information.


Start by accessing TroopMaster Web at or from the Troop 533 website  The TroopMaster Web link is listed under Scout Links.  Once on the website, you will see this password screen displayed.  For your initial login, use UserID=Parent and Password=Scout and select the Login button.

On the next screen, create your personal UserID and Password, enter your email address, and select your scout’s name from the list.  If you have more than one scout active in the troop, go ahead and select all of their names now.  Finish by selecting the Create Account button at the bottom of the page.

For the last step in the setup process, a confirmation screen will be displayed showing the personal login information you created.  Please print this page and save it for reference, then select the Close button.


Once you have registered, you can access TroopMaster Web.  To begin using the program, go to TroopMaster Web as before and enter your personal UserID and Password on the sign-in screen.  Then select one of the Login buttons:  if you are logging in from a computer, select the Login button; if you are logging in using a Smartphone or other mobile device, select the Mobile Login button.

From the Main Menu, your parent login gives you the following access:

  • Passwords – View access to your UserID and Password information.
  • Activities – View access to a list of troop activities and attendees.
  • Adults – No access.  Updating of parent information is under the Scouts button.
  • Scouts – Update access to scout and parent information. View access to advancement, awards, and completed/partial merit badges
  • Merit Badge Counselors (MBCs) – No Access.  Consult with the Scoutmaster concerning merit badge counselor information
  • Calendar – View access to the calendar of troop activities
  • Reports – No Access.  For scoutmaster and advancement chair.
  • Message Board – Update access.  Allows for sharing of information with other Troop 533 users.

The Mobile Login requires that you select the type of device.

Then the Main Menu will be displayed.

The Mobile Login does not have buttons for Password(s) or the Message Board, but the access to the other functions is the same as the PC based login.