Recharter & Next Court of Honor

On behalf of Mr. Poulsen

Scouts and Scouters of Troop 533,

Due to scheduling conflicts with School Activities, We are rescheduling the Court of Honor to January 8th 2020.  There will be a regular meeting on December 11th. The agenda will be on Orienteering using a map and compass.  

Also please remember the recharter paperwork and payment are due by the December 11th meeting.


George Poulsen

Committee Chairman

Troop 533

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Popcorn Fundraiser – Update

Hello everyone, things have really changed from past years with the popcorn fundraiser. A major change is ALL scouts must register to sell to get credit for their sales. Registering is easy just go to Once there click on register (it is in the top right corner). In the last page of the registration you will need to fill in the council, district and unit. Council = Pathway to Adventure, District = Thunderbird, Unit = Troop 533. 
At that point the scout sales page will appear. The next thing to do is have the Trails-end app added to a smart phone. Orders can now be taken on this app. With this app credit card sales can be taken. The scout will be able to keep track of all his sales on the app page.

After the scout is registered and starts selling with his app the sales will show up on Troop 533’s Trails-end site. I will be able to then order popcorn and deliver it to the scout so he can make deliveries to customers on a more timely basis.
I will be at troop meetings to answer questions.

Thank you,– 
Michael Barton Popcorn Kernel

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Popcorn Fundraiser

Hello Scouts and Scouters. My name is Michael Barton. After a number of years Keith Wolak has stepped down from the popcorn fundraiser. I have assumed his position as the new POPCORN KERNEL for troop 533. I have only been with the troop for a few months, as such I am still learning how things are done within the troop. I hope you will bear with me.

The popcorn fundraiser is kicking off a couple of weeks earlier than in past years. I will be sending out information a quickly as it can be put together. I do not plan on changing any of the practices/policies from last year. If you are at the troop meeting tonight I will have take order forms to give out.
Thank you,
Michael Barton

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Independence Park Parade


Happy 4th of July!

Independence Park Parade – 2019

Click on the above for a link to some parade photos.

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Troop and the VFW Conduct Flag Retirement Ceremony

The Munster Veterans Memorial was the site of a flag retirement ceremony for over 500 flags that have served us well.

Retiring Old Glory

When the United States flag (Old Glory) becomes worn, torn, faded or badly soiled, it is time to replace it with a new flag, and the old flag should be “retired” with all the dignity and respect befitting our nation’s flag.

Representatives of the VFW and Boy Scouts of America were on hand to carry out this task today at the memorial site.

Flag Retirement Ceremony

Click on the above for more photos.

Flag Retirement Honor Guard














Mr. Sikora


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Upcoming Troop Meeting Activities

The plans for the upcoming meetings are as follows:

5/29/19 First meeting at Westminster: church clean-up (bring gloves and tools)

6/5/19 Swimming requirements at the Hammond YMCA

6/12/19 Swimming requirements at the Hammond YMCA


Stephen Heritage

T533 Scribe

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Flags Across Munster

Spring is here and it is time once again for Troop 533’s community service/fundraiser project, Flags Across Munster.
I will be at the meeting on Wednesday (April 10, 2019) to explain the program to the scouts and give them a packet with flyers and subscription sheets. 
Here’s how it works. 
For every $25 flag subscription a scout sells, $9 goes into their personal scout account. So, if a scout sells 10 subscriptions, a scout gets $90. The scout is required to post and take down the flag on Memorial Day, Flag Day and Fourth of July.  The flags go up as close to sunrise as possible and come down at sunset. 
You can start selling now. Non-Munster residents can sell in their neighborhoods.
Deadline to turn in your money and subscription list will be MAY 15, 2019. You can sell more after that date, but I need a deadline to gather the money and deliver the flags. We have had people ask for flags after Memorial Day. We don’t prorate the subscription, but most people are happy to pay the full $25.
We will arrange a time for you to pick up your flags.  You will keep them through July 4 and we will arrange a time for you to return them.  In the past, I set aside a few hours on the Saturday or Sunday before Memorial Day for pickup at a location TBD (probably Westminster Church).  Return date will be after Summer Camp, probably during a scout meeting.

I have attached the Flags Across Munster flyer to this email, along with a sheet to track the subscriptions. 
Some FAQS from the flyer:

What Is Flags Across Munster? For $25 a year, a Boy Scout from Troop 533 will post and retire a 3×5 flag in your yard on Memorial Day, Flag Day, and Fourth of July.  By participating in Flags Across Munster, you will help instill values, while encouraging and supporting our scouts. You will also be displaying your patriotism when the flag flies proudly in your neighborhood. Your donation will help pay for the scout’s camping trips and activities.


How does it work? A scout will post and salute the flag in the morning and retire and salute the flag in the evening. We will insert a 12-inch long PVC pipe (1 inch) flush to the ground to secure the flag pole. The 3-foot by 5-foot flag will be attached to a ten-foot pole.


How do I subscribe? We ask for $25, cash or a check payable to Troop 533, when you sign up for your subscription. The scout will take your name, address and phone number/email and will be responsible for the delivery on the three holidays.


What about the flags? These are U.S.  flags, made in the USA from Chicago’s WGN Flag Company. Questions? Email: THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT!

John Dodge
Adult Committee Chairman
Flags Across Munster Coordinator.

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Cross-Over Ceremony Pack 236 (Elliott Pack)

Yes, you need service hours for rank advancement…..


Here is a chance to show scout spirit by participating in the Pack 236 Cross-Over.

DATE – April 9th, next Tuesday

LOCATION – Ridge United Methodist Church, 8607 Columbia, Munster

Time – 6 pm to 9 pm

Dinner will be served to participants.

Contact Mr McDunn to confirm your attendance.

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Upcoming Activities

3/27/19: Spring Break, no meeting
4/3/19: Troop Meeting – Patrol Elections
4/10/19: Troop Meeting – Menu Planning for Starved Rock Campout / with First Class requirement 2a
4/12-14/19: Starved Rock Campout
4/15/19: PLC meeting 6-7 pm – Town Hall
4/15/19: Adult Committee meeting 7 pm – Town Hall

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March 2019 Photos

2019-03-03 LIONS Pancake Breakfast


2019-03-09 – Harley Davidson – Mr. Milan


2019-03-09 – Harley Davidson – Mr. Sikora


The troop has been very busy this month. The links above will take you to a bunch of photos.


More action will be coming at the Court of Honor later this month.


Mr. Sikora

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