Popcorn Fundraiser – Update

Hello everyone, things have really changed from past years with the popcorn fundraiser. A major change is ALL scouts must register to sell to get credit for their sales. Registering is easy just go to Trails-End.com Once there click on register (it is in the top right corner). In the last page of the registration you will need to fill in the council, district and unit. Council = Pathway to Adventure, District = Thunderbird, Unit = Troop 533. 
At that point the scout sales page will appear. The next thing to do is have the Trails-end app added to a smart phone. Orders can now be taken on this app. With this app credit card sales can be taken. The scout will be able to keep track of all his sales on the app page.

After the scout is registered and starts selling with his app the sales will show up on Troop 533’s Trails-end site. I will be able to then order popcorn and deliver it to the scout so he can make deliveries to customers on a more timely basis.
I will be at troop meetings to answer questions.

Thank you,– 
Michael Barton Popcorn Kernel

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