Latest Court of Honor Photos

Scouts honored at the September Court of Honor. Numerous merit badges have been earned at summer camp.

Quite a few green ribbons were presented to the new scout Moms. The first pin to adorn the ribbon is the symbol of SCOUT. As rank advancement continues more pins will be added to the ribbon. Congratulations to all who rose up in rank.


2018-09-19 Court of Honor

(click on the above link to take you to a couple of photos)


Mr. Sikora

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Updated Merit Badge Counselors List

Updates have been made to the merit badge counselor list. You can find the link on the troop webpage,, under the DIRECTORY heading.



Please take the time to look at the list. Yes there are a lot of empty slots needing a counselor. Some of these may be your areas of interest or expertise. Sign up at the Scout Office and let me know.


John Sikora


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Upcoming Activities – September and October

Scouts and Scouters,
These were the meetings planned at the September PLC meeting:
26th – Patrol/Cabinet/Administration, Cooking Merit Badge part 1 (Note cooking is an Eagle required badge)
  3rd – Pack 936 Webelos II Den visits, do stations
10th – Golf Merit Badge paperwork
14th – Golf game at Wicker Park 1 pm (first 9 holes required of badge)
17th – Meal planning for camp out, Cooking Merit Badge part 2
19th/21st – Fall Camporee, theme Cooking Merit Badge
28th – Golf game at Wicker Park 1 pm (second 9 holes required of badge)
Thomas Ashcraft – Scribe
Golfing Merit Badge Permission Slip
Click on this link to get a copy of the permission slip

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Ted Smith

From Jim Carr-

Fellow Scouters:

On Saturday evening, Jon T. (Ted) Smith passed away at his home in Tampa, Florida after a courageous battle with cancer.  Ted was a long time Scout and Scouter from Munster, Indiana.  He grew up in Munster and was a scout in Troop 33 (later Troop 533) and Post 33 in the late 1950’s.  In 1965 – 1966, Ted became the institutional representative from the Munster Lion’s Club to Troop 533 at Elliott School in Munster.  In this role, he was not just a figurehead but attended troop meetings and court of honors.  Literally, every scout in the troop knew Mr. Smith as “their IR” from the Munster Lions.  In the late 1970’s when Troop 533 was struggling, Ted agreed to become the Troop Committee Chair since his son was in the troop.  In the early 1980’s, Ted moved to the role of Assistant Scoutmaster and also served as “chief cook” for the scout leaders on campouts.  As the partner in his family’s business, Smith & Brooks Meats in Hammond, Ted cooked incredibly delicious meals on the open fire and in dutch ovens.  The scout patrols would always checkout his meals for the adults and would often replicate his menus on subsequent campouts.  With his fun loving and adventurous attitude, he was always popular with the scouts.  In 1985, Ted gladly accepted the position of Scoutmaster for Troop 533.  While two scouts would attain the rank of Eagle under his tenure, many more scouts were inspired to advance to Eagle Scout in the years following his term.  In addition to being continuous active with Troop 533, Ted also was a devoted member of the Order of the Arrow where he served as Chapter Ceremonial Advisor and a Chapter Advisor.  Some of the most memorable “tapouts” and opening ceremonies involved fire lightings with miraculous fire starts with a little help from friendly gunpowder.  During one year, Ted secured cowhides and one buffalo hide in order for the ceremonial team members to make their own authentic Indian regalia with shirts, leggings, and headdresses.  Ted was a recipient of the Michigamea Lodge Service award.  In 1987, Michigamea Lodge #110 recognized his efforts by awarding him the Vigil Honor with his Indian name, Nimawanachew, meaning “Provider”.  After Ted retired, he moved to Tampa, Florida.  At this time, I am not aware of arrangements.  He is survived by his partner, Luanne, his sons, Darryl and George, his grandsons, JT and Charlie.  “Scoutmaster’s Benediction: May the Master of all True Scouts be with us until we meet again.  Good Night Scouts!”  Good Night Ted.


Jim Carr

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The temps were up. The humidity was up. The attendance appeared to be down. The efforts by the scouts and scouters to make this a successful event was truly up.  Thanks to all who helped. You can find a couple of photos at the following address.

LIONS Steak Grill

A couple of scouts seemed to not fully grasp the good works performed by our troop sponsor, the Munster LIONS. Take a look at the attached pamphlet to get a better understanding of all they do for the troop and town.

Lions Pamphlet


Mr. Sikora

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Excellent Adventure 2018 – Photos

Excellent Adventure 5-19-2018 Activities

Excellent Adventure 5-18-2018 OA Tapout

Those who attended the Excellent Adventure can attest to the great time had by all. I’ve posted a couple of photos. Just click on the above links.


Mr Sikora

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Flags Across Munster Campaign 2018

After enduring one of the coldest Aprils ever, the weather is starting to turn and it’s time to get out there and sell those subscriptions for Flags Across Munster.
The deadline to turn in your sales sheets and money will be at the scout meeting on May 16.  I will return your sales sheets on May 23 (but it would be a good idea to make a copy!) You can keep selling after that date (and many scouts last year picked up sales after Memorial Day.)
For Memorial Day, you will pick up your flags at Westminster Church on Sunday, May 27–the time is TBD, but it will likely be in the afternoon. You will return the flags to the same location on May 30 at the Wednesday scout meeting (we will be meeting at Westminster for the summer).
To recap how this works:
Scouts will sell $25 subscriptions in their neighborhood. In return, the scout will post in the early morning and retrieve in the evening a 3×5 U.S. made American flag on three holidays:  Memorial Day, July 4 and Veteran’s Day.  
Scouts will receive a $3 commission for each sale, and $2 for each flag he posts. The money will go into their scout accounts, and funds can be used to pay for scout events and activities.  Scouts should collect their money at the time of the sale, not at time of delivery.  Your initial sales are due no later than May 16. You can keep selling, but I need to know generally how many flags have been sold by that point. 
For example if a scout sells 10 subscriptions, they will earn $90 over the course of the year.  ($3 commission x 10 = $30: $2/flag post x 10 = $20 $20×3 days= $60. Total: $90.)
John Dodge

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Court of Honor – March 2018

The achievements earned by the scouts the past 3 months were awarded this evening. A pot luck dinner was enjoyed by all.

Court of Honor 3-14-2018

Click on the above link to take you to the photos posted on line.

Mr. Sikora

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Munster Lions 2018 Pancake Breakfast

Munster Lions 2018 Pancake Breakfast

Twenty six scouts and numerous scouters helped make this years Pancake Breakfast a fantastic success. WELL DONE!

Just click on the above link to see a couple of shots.

Sorry if I didn’t capture your scout. I guess I spent too much time enjoying the conversations.

The number of troop alumni in attendance was impressive.


Mr Sikora

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Troop Meeting 2-28-2018 – Activities

Troop Meeting Photos 2-28-2018

YouTube – Cutting Pop Bottle Strips 1

YouTube – Cutting Pop Bottle Strips 2

YouTube – Cutting Pop Bottle Strips 3

YouTube – Cutting Pop Bottle Strips 4

YouTube – Jump Rope 1

YouTube – Jump Rope 2

YouTube – Jump Rope 3


Just click on the above links to take you to a YouTube video or Photo Collection.

Mr Sikora

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