Troop Photos

Thanks to Mr Don Bremer the troop website is back up and working. At least now I can begin fixing other parts of the website site.

Below you will find links to several recent photo albums of troop activities.


Pizza Party

Independence Park Parade

Court of Honor

Spring Camporee



Mr. Sikora

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Eagle Court of Honor – Photo Recap

May 1st was a day that saw five scouts awarded the rank of Eagle. A photo recap is available at the link below.


Mr. Sikora

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The Outdoor Code

As an American, I will do my best to –
Be clean in my outdoor manners.
Be careful with fire.
Be considerate in the outdoors.
Be conservation minded.

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Events Planned at 3-28-2016 PLC Meeting

To Scouts and Parents:
Here is the list of upcoming events / activities planned at the March 28th PLC Meeting.
Tues. April 5th, Pack 236 Crossover Ceremony at 5:30pm at Westminster
Wed. April 6th, Boy Scout Meeting: Work on First Aid requirements
Wed. April 13th: Work on Fitness requirements
Friday-Sunday, April 15th-17th: Wilderness Survival Campout
Mon. April 18th: PLC Meeting 6:00pm at Munster Town Hall (All Scouts and Parents are invited to attend to help plan future meetings and event. Scouts with a position of responsibility are required to attend).
The above report is from Michael McDunn.

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Ain’t it the truth…


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Automatic Notifications

Whenever a posting, like this, is added to the troop website all registered users are automatically sent an e-mail detailing the latest item. The key is registered users. Currently there are 58 e-mail addresses on the list. Sometimes I can tell who that person is by reading the address. Other times the address cannot be easily deciphered as to who it is. So if you change your e-mail address you will need to register that new address by following the link Sign up for the newsletter.

If you have never received the automated notifications then you need to sign up.

If you are signed up and want to be taken off the list then just send me a note and I’ll take care of it.

I can only delete addresses from the list. Only you can add yourself. Once you put in your address a confirming notice will be sent to that address. If still want to be added then reply as instructed.

Mr. Sikora

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Troop 533 – Eagle Honor Roll

Mr. Goodwin has kindly provide a long list of Troop 533 Eagle Scouts. If you know of anyone that is missing or the date is wrong then please let us know.  You can find the list in the directory at the right.

Mr. Sikora

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TroopMaster Web

The troop has been using a PC based program to track the rank progress and advancement needs of your sons. This significant data collection effort has been on the shoulders of Mr Goodwin for many years and more recently jointly with Mr Boyd.  The software program, TroopMaster, is the tool that the troop has been using. It is rich in features and easy to manipulate. We now have a way to make all of this information available to you, TroopMaster Web.

When you look at the troop website you will find on the right hand column the area with the heading “Scout Links”. The last item is your direct link to the TroopMaster Website. The first thing you will need to do is setup your access. I’ve placed a copy of Mr. Goodwin’s setup directions on the troop website. See the page listed under “DIRECTORY”, “TroopMaster web setup for Troop 533 Parents”. Click on these and follow the directions.

Why is this effort important?

1 – It is difficult to keep track of all the details for all the scouts who come in and out of the troop. These records help the adult scouters help you sons progress in rank.

2 – We tell the scouts to guard your scout handbook and merit badge blue cards as they are the official verification of all his efforts. You loose them and the effort is also lost. If you have have all of your progress recorded in TroopMaster then you have another method of proving completion of requirements.

3 – The database also has spots to enter your emergency contact information. It is information like this that helps the adult scouters keep the youth protected.

I encourage all parents to take the time to fill in the information blanks and get comfortable with the features of TroopMaster. You will then be able to see how your son is doing and maybe give him that last little nudge to complete the requirements of a rank or merit badge.

Mr.  Sikora

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