Kalamazoo Air Zoo – Photos

Kalamazoo Air Zoo Photos

(click on the above to see photos)

The perfect weekend to test out the newly refurbished Pine Tree cabin, complete a merit badge and fly with the Young Eagles program volunteers.

Mr. Sikora


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Jamboree-On-The-Air – This Saturday Oct 21


This Saturday October 21, 2017 I will be participating in the 60th annual JAMBOREE-ON-THE-AIR. This is an international Scouting and Amateur Radio (aka Ham Radio) event. Scouts are invited to participating amateur stations to demonstrate amateur radio and provide the opportunity to have scouts chat with other scouts. The other end of the conversation may be with someone across town, across the state, in another state or overseas. You just never know. Scouts should wear class A shirt as photos will be taken and sent to the International JOTA reporting group. Adults, scouts, siblings and friends are all welcome.

Past years I’ve been able to do JOTA at a Fall Camporee. This year the dates were off by a week so I’m doing this at my home station. It is a lot dryer here too.

Date – Saturday October 21, 2017

Location – Mr Sikora’s home. 8747 Northcote, Munster

Time – 1 to 5 PM

Directions – From Lansing Cleaners on Ridge Road….

Ridge Road south on Oakwood Ave to Anne Street

Anne Street east to Northcote Avenue

The home on the east side is the spot. If you look straight up and see an antenna then you are in the right spot. Enter via the back door just opposite the garage.

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Troop 533 90th Anniversary


A recent article appearing in the Times featured our 90th anniversary.

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Eagle Scout – Stevie McDunn

On October 10th Stevie McDunn attained the rank of Eagle. Congratulations to Stevie and his parents.


Mr. Sikora

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Troop 90th Anniversary and LIONS Steak Grill

I’ve got a couple of photos for you. Just click on the links below. I usually have a lot more photos but camera issues at the 90th and not realizing the new and earlier time for the steak grill.

2017 LIONS Steak Grill

Troop 90th Anniversary




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Camp directions

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Munster Town Council Recognizes our 90th anniversary

Thank you to the members of the Munster Town Council, which recognized Boy Scout Troop 533 at last night’s council meeting. Troop 533 is celebrating its 90th anniversary this year! Founded in 1927, the troop was around to help President Coolidge dedicate Wicker Park. More than 100 boys have reached the rank of Eagle Scout. (More on their way too!) A special thanks to Chris Ritchey Ashcraft for making this happen.

Town Council Recognition of Troop 533 at 90 years


This can also be viewed on Facebook – Scout 533 Parents.

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90 Years of History and Service

Independence Park Parade 2017

The Independence Park parade was even more special this year as we celebrate 90 years as a BSA troop. Former Scoutmaster Mr Jim Carr spoke to the crowd of the long history of Troop 533. See the attached pdf files for all the details. In addition, the troop was award a special appreciationĀ  plaque to commemorate our 9oth year. Congratulations to all.


History of Troop 533 – part 1

History of Troop 533 – part 2

Munster Firefighters Association
Recognition of Troop 533 for 90 Years of Service and Dedication

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Independence Park Parade

Independence Park Parade

Click on the above for a bunch of photos of the Independence Park Parade.

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Independence Day Flag

Independence Day Flag at Sikora Home

The Shelton crew raises flag at the Sikora home. Click on the above link for several photos.

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