Campout to Camp Lakota

Permission Form Camp Lakota 06_2017


Troop 533 will be camping the weekend of June 16-18 at Camp Lakota in Woodstock, IL.  Please complete the attached permission form and return it to Mr. Milan with payment this week.  If you would like to attend, but are unable to make the meeting this week, you need to let Mr. Milan know your intentions via email for menu planning and site reservation purposes.

See you Wednesday at Westminster Church.

Yours in Scouting,

Mr. Shelton

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Flags Across Munster – Important Info

Hello everybody–
We are just about a week away from Memorial Day–our first Flags Across Munster event!
Here are some questions and answers for you:
How Do I Get My Flags?
I will deliver your flags to your home on Sunday 5/28, likely in the morning. I plan on providing a few extra flags to help with “on site” sales. So, if somebody asks about the fundraiser on Memorial Day, you can make an extra sale.
How Do I Return My Flags? 
I will be at Westminster Church at 8:30 on Monday evening with the red trailer. You can meet me there to return your flags.
How Do I Post My Flags?
Scouts, in their full Class A uniform, will post the flag on Memorial Day morning.  They must then stand at attention and salute. In the evening, salute the flag and take it down. Allow some extra time if you are installing the PVC at the same time. (See below)
How Do I Install My Flags?
I have provided a 12 inch long piece of PVC for each flag.  It should be hammered flush to the ground.  I found that driving a 1/2-inch diameter metal pipe into the ground to make a starter hole works well.  Once the PVC is in the ground, you can drive the pipe in again to push excess dirt into the ground.
Most of you already have the PVC, so feel free to work ahead and install early. That’s totally up to you.
To help with locating the flag post in the future, install the PVC 18 inches from the sidewalk. Consider locating a sidewalk seam and go from there. EXCEPTION: Be agreeable if your customer wants the flag installed elsewhere.  However, flags CANNOT be in the parkway. If there is no parkway, flags must be 10-12 feet from the street. Please be sure to determine if customer has a sprinkler system.  We don’t want to be damaging sprinkler heads and lines!
Take a picture of the flag location for future reference. (We will not be painting stencils to mark locations.)
What Do I Bring?
A cheerful attitude!
Your Class A
A hammer
A tape measure
Something to create a hole in the ground (pipe)
A notebook/sales sheet to make notes or record new sales
A cell phone to take pictures of the flag location
Thanks to all scouts who have participated and let me know if you have any questions.
Yours in scouting
Mr Dodge
Adult Committee Chairman

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Cub Scout Crossover – Photos

Crossover Photos – By Mr McDunn


Just click on the above link to see the crossover ceremonial team.

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Spring Camporee – Photos

Photos from Mr Ashcraft


Just click on the above link to see the latest photos.

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Troop 533 – 90th Anniversary Celebration

Munster Boy Scout Troop #533 is celebrating a big birthday… our 90th 🎂🎉
Please mark your calendar and save the date!  The Troop’s birthday celebration will take place on Saturday, August 12th, 2017 from 4pm to 8pm at Community Park in the Lion’s Club Shelter.  All current and former scout families are invited!  More details will be forthcoming this summer.

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Illini SP and Starved Rock SP – Photo Recap


The above link will take you to a bunch of photos taken during the recent campout.


Mr Sikora

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Eagle Workbook

Need a PC version of the Eagle Workbook? Just click on the link below.

If you have problems opening the file then check to see if you have the latest version of Adobe Acrobat Reader DC.

Eagle Workbook (512-927_fillable)


Mr. Sikora

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High Adventure 2017

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Father and Son – Photo Recap

Scouts and Scouters,


The annual trek to Camp Betz was most unusual. What is normally a snowy dead of winter activity turned out to be a glorious 60+ DEGF day in February.


I’ve taken a couple of photos during the weekend which can be accessed from the following links…


Father and Son Photos 2-17-17


Father and Son Photos 2-18-17


F&S 2017 – The Movie

When the “movie” appears on your screen be sure to click on the small icon in the upper right hand corner to get sound.


Father & Son Photos – 2015

The above link will take you to what a more typical winter weather F&S. I didn’t make it to the 2016 F&S. If anyone has photos they would like to share for 2016 then I’ll add those to the photo collection. Just bring them to the pancake breakfast or the next troop meeting. I’ll have my laptop handy.


I hope I was able to catch you in the fun activities.


Mr. Sikora

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Flags Across Munster

Troop 533 took delivery today of 300 American flags (made in America!). By selling $25 annual “subscriptions” to residents, our scouts will be posting these flags across town on Memorial Day, July 4 and Veterans Day. We will start officially selling in April but there is no harm in lining up customers informally now! More details to come soon. #FlagsAcrossMunster

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