Engineering Merit Badge

If you have misplaced or never received the merit badge book then check out this link to my book.

( just click on the above link )

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Engineering Merit Badge – Status

The past several weeks we have been reviewing the requirements of the Engineering merit badge. Worksheets have been given to each scout. Please bring in your completed worksheet to the up coming troop meetings. I’ll make myself available to answer any question you may have. If you do not have the merit badge book CD then talk to me and I can fix that. I’d like to have everyone complete this badge and be awarded by the next Court of Honor. My contact info is on the worksheet.

Mr. Sikora


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Fire Safety Merit Badge – Photos

The troop meeting had a special presentation by the Munster Fire Department at Fire Station #2 rather than a traditional troop meeting.

In a word, IMPRESSIVE. Many thanks to our fire fighters for showing us their equipment but more importantly the skills they have developed to protect life and property.

(just click on the above link to see a couple of photos)

Mr. Sikora

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Upcoming Events & Activities

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Popcorn Training Party


If you missed the postcard you should have received in the mail, this Saturday, 8-20-2016, is the first chance you have to attend a Popcorn Training Party.  Why should you attend?

 1)      This year’s popcorn patch has 5 parts, the main part of the patch will only be issued to those to register and attend a training session.

2)      They are giving away free light sabers and there will be other Star Wars themed attractions.

3)      You’ll learn to be the best popcorn seller you can be (a popcorn Jedi).

 If you lost your postcard, log on to this address (YOU MUST PREREGISTER TO ATTEND):

 Go to:

 It’s a one hour training session that starts between 9am and Noon on August 20 or 27th.

 If you get an error message trying to use this site, do the following:

 Click on “go to map”

 Find the Pathway to Adventure Counsel orange Pin on the Map, and click on it

 Click on “Scouting Activities”

Click on “Month”

 Find August 20th or August 27th on the Calendar

 Select “Popcorn Training Party” on the date you prefer

 Follow Instructions to Register

Keith Wolak

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LIONS Steak & Chicken Grill – Photos

A perfect summer day awaited the hard working LIONS members, scouts and scouters for this annual fund raiser.

(just click on the above link to open the photo album)

Mr. Sikora

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Task Force Tips – Photo recap

The troop had terrific plant visit to the Task Force Tips manufacturing and design facility in Valpo. About 30 scouts and scouters were amazed as to the variety and complexity in the production of modern fire fighting equipment.

Thanks to Mrs. Ashcraft for setting up this activity.

(just click on the above link to take you to a bunch of online photos)

Mr. Sikora

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Tribune article supplied by Mr McDunn

What’s with all this shunning of the Great Outdoors

(just click on the above link to open the article)

There are a lot of parallels between the attached Tribune article and what Scouting does all the time. I guess we are doing it right.

Thanks to Mr McDunn for sharing this newspaper article with us.

Mr Sikora



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Eagle Court of Honor – Photo Recap

May 1st was a day that saw five scouts awarded the rank of Eagle. A photo recap is available at the link below.


Mr. Sikora

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The Outdoor Code

As an American, I will do my best to –
Be clean in my outdoor manners.
Be careful with fire.
Be considerate in the outdoors.
Be conservation minded.

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